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Knowledge Transfer Partnership and Foreign Exchange Programme.

EcoversityUK is a Community Interest Company dedicated to the development and success of the Industrial Hemp Sector and Curriculum.

Our mission at EcoversityUK is to connect knowledge bases from around the world to educate on the Planetary Boundaries Framework as a means to enable Regenerative and Active Learning Communities to adapt and thrive. To succeed in this, the social enterprise recognises Industrial Hemp as a Green Foundation industry that will play a key role in the transition to an eco-economy.

We believe that Hempologists are to be recognised for delivering sort after Professional and Environmental Services that increase socioeconomic impact through a multitude of sectors.

Our Values

Grow Back Better

  • Active Carbon Sink
  • Improve Soil Health
  • Increase Follow On Yields
  • Combat Food & Fuel Poverty
  • Reduce Fertilizer Dependency
  • Support Biodiversity & Habitat
  • Multi-Disciplinary Raw Material
  • Transforming Linear to Circular Systems.

We Create Unique Job Opportunities

Taking into account the Employment Density Report and the projected growth for sustainable industries – it is estimated that the UK Hemp sector will create in excess of 300,000 new jobs by 2030. Hempologists are becoming a sort after professional and environmental service to a multitude of industries and we provide the education and training necessary for the green jobs of tomorrow.

We Purify The Atmosphere

Hemp has profound carbon sink potential as one of the fastest CO2-to-Biomass converting crops in nature. UK hemp farmers can expect to yield up to 20 tonnes of CO2 per hectare, making industrial hemp 6x more effective at embodying carbon than trees per annum. Research also suggests that 1 acre of hemp will produce as much oxygen as 25 acres of forest. Making growing hemp an highly effective way to rebalance the atmosphere.

We Improve Biodiversity & Conserve Habitats

From working as a powerful soil conditioner to supporting growing pollinator populations with an off season food source – Introducing Industrial hemp as a break crop can overwhelmingly improve the farms ecosystem as it requires little to no agrochemichals to grow, increasing the follow-on yield whilst remediating the land.

We Champion A Clean Built Environment

The built environment is responsible for 40% of the UK’s annual carbon footprint. From the production of non-renewable surplus materials with high operational energy demand – hemp bio-fibre building materials tackle issues of sustainability facing the industry whilst simultaneously optimising labour ergonomics.

We Advocate For A Circular Economy

Cellulose aggregate from hemp is biorenewable in a 3-4 month annual growing cycle, replacing synthetics and cellulose from products like timber. All end-of-life components can be reclaimed and reused in the taxonomy of biocomposite products used by a wide variety of sustainable industries and innovations.

Marcus Morley-Jones

A Message from the EcoveryityUK Chairman

Together with all our invaluable partners and supporters, EcoversityUK is on a mission to empower rural-to-urban communities in becoming self-sufficient in producing their own biomass for localised Food, Fuel & Fibre Supply Chain Security.

Should this mission align with you and your organisation, we welcome you to get in involved in designing local circular economic systems in your area via the HEMP Futures Initiative.

Together we can create vibrant, prosperous diverse and inclusive communities at home and around the world.



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